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The professional & versatile app for reliable, complex calendar management. Highly customizable and in perfect sync with Google.

Crafted for Android in Berlin.

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All is new

Business Calendar has been redesigned and improved for functionality, efficiency, and beauty—including tablet support and lots of features you’ll love. Optimized for Android 4.1 and up.

Improved Everything

New Interface

Redesigned for a better overview, higher efficiency in adding events, and more accuracy for editing your activities.

Day View

Now complete with an integrated tasks list, the new day view is a smarter way to zoom in on your daily schedule.


Better tablet support, enhanced templates, beautiful widgets, easier customization, improved performance, clearer settings, and even more improvements.


To make your time-management even more efficient, we created some great tools to tune, boost, and customize your calendar, available from inside Business Calendar 2.
You already own the old version? Upgrade for free.

Pro Tools

Full PRO Pack

Includes all PRO tools: the dark theme & widgets, advanced Task management, efficiency features like drag & drop, advanced reminder settings, and a dapper weather add-on.

Custom Event Creation

Create your own templates for events to use and re-use. Add new events faster with the unique PRO sidebar. Use drag & drop and multi-select to move events around, and link contacts to them. More niceties like location auto-complete and event history.

Dark Theme & Widgets

Join the dark side of Business Calendar. Also, set your font sizes and customize your widgets.

Advanced Tasks

To keep your brain free of clutter, this upgrade pack lets you create subtasks, change priorities and simply repeat recurring tasks.

Free Upgrade for BC 1 PRO Users

If you have the PRO version of the old Business Calendar, we invite you to upgrade to the all-new, completely redesigned, all-improved Business Calendar 2 that is now available. Your upgrade is free.

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