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Business Calendar for Android is an all-round, complete calendar app for highest standards: customizable and with perfect Google synchronization.

“The best calendar-app on android”

A clearer view on dates and appointments

Quick Day View

For a fast overview of all events of the day

Favorite Bar

For direct access to all your calendars

Scroll and Zoom

For better, intuitive interaction

Customizable down to the last detail

Custom Views

Because you know best how to keep organized

Individual Templates Pro

Just set your own individual templates for new events

Customizable Reminders

You choose how and when you want to be reminded

More Features

Business Calendar also comes with a search function, a context-sensitive help system, and the possibility to switch between textual and graphical presentation. You can individually set recurrent events and choose between a dark and a light theme (in the Pro Version).

or discover Business Calendar Pro with even deeper customization and more features to stay organized.

Pro Features

Manage Contacts

Link your events and appointments with your contacts

Customizable Templates

Create your own templates for new events


For deleting, moving, or copying multiple events

Import & Export

Quickly import all your calendars, export them in .ics format


Move and copy events easily in the multi-day view

Task Add-On

Use the integrated task-management tool for syncing with Google Tasks & Toodledoo. View in Play Store

Have a look at the complete list of Pro Features, with detailed explanations and screenshots.

4,6 Stars in the Google Play Store

“One of the best Calendar Apps for 2014”
“A sharply designed app with quick access to multiple calendars in an easy-to-navigate Holo interface.”
“Calendar-App of the year 2013”
“One of the best Calendar Apps for Android”