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Alternative Markets

Don't have a credit card to buy the application in the Google Play Store? Or don't have access to the Google Play Store at all?

No problem, we have uploaded the application to some alternative stores that offer additional payment methods! You can find links to the websites where you can buy the application here!

  1. One alternative market that is listing our application is the Pdassi Store:

    Pdassi Store Englisch
    Payment methods: PayPal, prepayment, credit card

    Pdassi Store German
    Payment methods: PayPal, prepayment, bank collection, credit card

  2. The application also is listed at AndroidPit. You have to install the AndroidPIT App Center first to download an application from AndroidPit! Please use your Android browser to open the website http://www.androidpit.com and select “Install App Center” to install the AndroidPit App Center! When you have installed the App Center you can use it to search for "Business Calendar" and to buy and download the application!

    Go to the AndroidPit Market
    Payment methods: PayPal, Click&Buy