Business Calendar All Features
All Features

All the tools you need to be ahead of your schedule: keep track of your events in a glimpse, always know your free time frames, quickly add activities, and customize everything.




A better bird’s-eye view

Staying ahead of your schedule lets you relax, because you can focus on what’s important at the time. BC is designed to give you the right overview for whatever your plan may be.

Quick Day View

See all events of the day with a single tap. No need to change views.


Use customizable widgets to add your calendars to your home screens.


Switch between a textual and a graphical presentation in your month view. Search for events like birthdays and meetings.

An upgrade gets you ...

Weather – just so you know what to wear to your activity

Fill the blanks: scan for free spots

Your calendar must be as flexible as you are. That’s why you always need to see directly where you can fit in another event or where to move things around for more important stuff.

Favorite Bar

Access all the calendars you need from everywhere in the app. Fade out the rest.

Day Slider

Nothing escapes your attention with the day slider for fast overview and actions.


The Swipe-to-Week feature lets you select multiple days to get an elaborate overview of your events and edit them on the go.

With an upgrade you get:

Drag & Drop – swiftly moving things around

Multi-Select – delete, move & copy multiple events

Make Your Day: add events & tasks

Just punching in an event on the fly? Or do you need elaborate information with location, reminders, different time zones and attendees? You can have both.

Add Events

Adding events as it should be: super-fast, efficient, with lots of details when you need them


When a calendar isn’t enough, we’ve got the tasks tool ready for all your to-dos.

There’s an upgrade for that:

Import or export calendar data in .ics or .ical, used by Google and many other software services.

Pro Tasks – add subtasks, repeat Tasks, change priorities

Create Templates – save and change different templates, use them forever

Visual Time Entry – the fastest, most intuitive way to add an event

Link Contacts – link contacts to events & keep everyone notified

Personalize everything

We want you to have the calendar that’s perfect for all your needs. That’s why we let you customize it. A lot.

Lots of Settings

Change the appearance and functionality of your widgets, tasks, and reminders.

Custom views

Adapt the different views (day, week, month, year, agenda) the way you need them.


A variety of widgets brings your calendar to your home screen, always in your immediate reach.

Not enough? Upgrade to get:

Dark Theme – welcome to the dark side

Custom Widgets – change themes, colors, and font sizes

Custom Reminders – set ringtones, vibration times, intervals, and notifications