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Benefits of Full Version

Drag&Drop Mode in Multi-Day View

Drag & Drop With the full version you can use drag&drop to move and copy events in the multi day view.

Just long press on an event and move your finger to the new day and time where you want the event to be. When you lift your finger you will be asked if you want to move the event to the new position or if you want to copy it (or if you want to cancel the action).

The drag&drop mode can be enabled/disabled by tapping the icon in the upper right corner of the multi day view.

Link to Contact When you are adding or editing an event you can link a contact from your contact's database to the event!

You just have to tap the icon in the upper right corner of the event input view and your contact list will show up.

When you have chosen a contact to link to the event, the name and address of the contact will automatically be filled in to the title and location field. There also is an option in the settings to enable/disable the automatic filling feature for the name and the address individually.

Once you have linked a contact to an event you just have to tap on the contact's name or photo in the event details view to open a list of actions (e.g. start a call, write an email, write an SMS) or optionally to directly open the contact details in your contact application!

Support for Google Tasks, Toodledo Tasks and Local Tasks

We have published an add-on called Business Tasks that can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. The Business Tasks add-on is adding support for Google Tasks, Toodledo tasks and local tasks to the full version of Business Calendar!

All tasks with a due date can be viewed and edited from within the calendar app as long as the Business Tasks add-on is installed. The tasks will show up in month, week, day, agenda and year view and will also be included in all Business Calendar widgets. You also can add, move and copy tasks directly from within the calendar app in the same way as you can do it with ordinary calendar events!

There also is an option to show overdue tasks always on today, an option to hide completed tasks in the calendar views and an option to show tasks with a reminder time at that time in the calendar instead of showing them as all day event!

With the Business Tasks add-on you can manage both calendar events and tasks with only one application!

Individually Configurable Font Sizes

Font Sizes Settings Within the settings of the app and the widgets there is an option to set the font size for the different components of the application / widgets.

You can use sliders to individually adjust the font size for each component of the application / widgets or just tap on our quick setup buttons to increase / decrease the font size of all components equally.

There are sliders to adjust the font size of the following components of the application:

Month View: Text, Day Numbers, Popup-Window Week View: Time/Header, Title, Location Agenda/Day View: Date (only Agenda), Time, Title, Location, Description Event Details View: Title, Date, Time, Location, Description, Further Info

In the widgets there are slightly different font size sliders according to the layout of the specific widget.

Option to Select the Calendars for Each Widget Individually

In the full version there is an option in the configuration dialog of each widget to select the calendars that this specific widget will show! Using this feature you can add a widget to your home screen that e.g. is only showing your private events while another one e.g. is showing all the other events!

Of course there also is an option to always use the same calendars as the application that is enabled by default!

History List and Auto-Complete Option for Event Titles and Locations

History List When using the full version you can select the title and location of an event from a history list that can be opened by tapping a button to the right of the input field.

Every time you enter a new title or location using our application the title / location will automatically be added to the history list so that you can easily select it again the next time!

When you are a frequent calendar user the history list will grow fast, therefore we have added an option to sort it in 3 different ways: It can show the last used items first, it can show the most used items first and it can be sorted alphabetically. The sort order can easily be changed by clicking a button in the header of the history list.

There also is an option "Auto-Fill History" to automatically add event titles and locations to the history list that not have been entered using our application (you may e.g. want to use that option when you start using the full version of our application). The "Auto-Fill History" option will show up when you press the wrench icon in the header of the history list.

Of course you can also delete single items from the list (by long tapping them) or clear the whole list by pressing the wrench icon and selecting the option "Clear History" afterwards!

In addition to the history list there is an option in the settings of the application to enable the auto-completition of titles and locations. When you have enabled the auto-completition the application will provide you with suggestions to complete the title / location of an event once you have added the first 2 letters in the corresponding input field. The suggestions also will be generated from the data that is stored in the history list.

Please notice that the automatic suggestions of your keyboard will not work any more when you have enabled the auto-completion feature (what is the main reason why this feature is disabled by default)!

Own Business Calendar Reminders

While the free version is depending on the reminders of the stock calendar application, the full version also is including our own Business Calendar reminders that offer some additional options!

Here is an overview of the features of the Business Calendar reminders:

  • you can choose between status bar notifications and full screen alerts
  • there are options to configure the vibration behavior (always vibrate, vibrate only when silent and never vibrate) and the vibration length (you can set a vibration length from 0,3 to 10 seconds and some vibration patterns, e.g. 5s vibration - 5s pause - 5s vibration - 5s pause - 5s vibration)
  • there are options to configure if and in which time intervals the alarm sound will be repeated and how many times the sound will be repeated at most
  • you can choose the alarm sound from different types of sounds (alarm sounds, notification sounds, phone ringer sounds) and you can also use your own music files as alarm sound (custom sounds)
  • there are two different ways of snoozing an event reminder in the reminder messages view: you can snooze all displayed event reminders by using the "Snooze All" button and you can snooze a single event reminder by long tapping it. There are options to individually set the snooze time for both ways (including an "Always asks" option).
  • you individually can set ringtones for events that belong to a specific calendar

Additional Designs for the Agenda, Month, Week and Day Widgets

In the full version you can choose between 11 different designs for the agenda, month, week and day widgets (in the free version only 3 basic designs are available).

Here are some screenshots of widgets that are using the additional designs of the full version:

Additional Dark Theme for the Application

In the full version there is a complete dark theme for the application. It can be selected using the option "Change Theme" in the general settings. The dark theme has an own color palette to choose background colors for e.g. weekend days and today in the settings. Changing a background color for the dark theme will not affect the background color for the light theme (and vice versa).

Here are some screenshots of the dark theme:

Import/Export Function for Calendar Files in the iCalendar Format (.ics, .ical)

In the full version there is an option to import or export calendar data in the popular iCalendar format (.ics, .ical, .icalendar). The iCalendar format also is used by the Google web calendar and a lot of other applications on your PC or Mac.

When using the export option you can select the calendars that will be exported. Each calendar will be exported in a separate file. The calendar files can be saved on your SD card or directly can be send via email.

If you want to import calendar data you can easily choose between all calendar files that have been found on your SD card and specify the calendar that will contain the imported events.

Optionally it is also possible to export and import guests of an event. Exceptions of recurring events as well can be imported (all other Android apps we know can't do this). For technical reasons the exceptions however will not show up properly before the next synchronization has been done (does not apply for local calendars).

Moreover, if you send a single event via email using the option "Send Email" in the event details view, you also will be asked if you want to attach the event data as .ics file to the mail when using the full version.

Templates for Events

In the full version you can create templates for events and use them when you add new events later on.

To save an event as template you can use the menu item "Save as Template" in the event input mask. In the settings there also is an option "Manage Templates" that lets you create new templates from scratch as well as edit or delete existing templates (the "Manage Templates" option can be found under "Settings for New Events").

When saving a new template you can specify the template name and which information the template will include. All fields that differ from the standard values are checked by default and the event title is predefined as template name so that in most cases you just have to hit the save button here.

To use a template when adding a new event you just have to select the menu item "Use Template" in the event input mask and choose the preferred template afterwards.

In the settings there also is an option called "When adding new event open" that lets you choose what will happen when you add a new event: you can open the blank input mask as usual (default settings), always open the template selection or always open a default template. To specify the default template please use the option "Manage Templates", long press on the preferred template and select the option "Set as Default".

Hint: By using a default template for your events you also can set some default values that can not be set otherwise (e.g. a default start time or more that one default reminder).

Please notice that the templates will be deleted when you uninstall the app, an option to export templates (and also history items and the settings of the app) will be added with a future update.

Multi-Selection Mode to Delete, Move or Copy Multiple Events

The menu item "Start multi-selection" in the agenda and day view will enable the multi-selection mode to delete, move or copy multiple events at the same time!

  • check all events you want to include and then choose an action using the buttons at the bottom of the screen
  • use the checkmarks icon at the top to check all events in the day view or the small calendar icon to check all events within a certain period of time in the agenda view quickly
  • when using the "Move" option you will be asked if you want to move all selected events to a certain day (option "Move to day x") or if you want to move all selected events by a certain time (option "Move by x min/hours/days"). Please notice that events that take place on different days all will be moved to the same day when using the option "Move to day x" while they still will be on different days when using the option "Move by x min/days/hours"!
  • you also can enable the multi-selection mode by long pressing an event in agenda or day view and selecting the corresponding context menu item

Option to Write a Mail to All Attendees of an Event

In the event details view there is an additional option to write a mail to all attendees of an event when some guests have been invited to that event. The title of the event and the event date and time will automatically be filled in to the subject field of the mail.

Free of Ads

As mentioned above the full version of the application is of course totally free of ads!

Get It Now!

Here you can purchase the full version of the application in the Android Market:

Business Calendar in the Android Market!

If you don't have a credit card to buy the application in the Android Market or if you don't have access to the Android Market at all, please go to our Alternative Markets site to find out about other ways to buy the application!